(26) Up in the Air

I’m exceptionally behind in posting these photos, but I have been keeping up with the daily challenge! These are from March 18.


Even though I’ve been to Texas multiple times in the last six years, I can’t remember the last time I took a night flight there. It might have been freshman spring, back in 2005.

This is kind of sad, because as much as I enjoy flying (quite a bit), I like night flights even more. It’s a very surreal feeling to get on a plane in one location when the sun is still up…and then land in a new place while it’s dark. I love it. I love seeing the landscape below me, and nightscapes in particular are fascinating. National Geographic did a great feature on this phenomenon last year (I think it also won some POYi awards), which I highly recommend checking out.

I was scheduled to arrive in Houston at 9pm, but gave up my seat on that flight for a $200 voucher on Southwest and a brief layover in Dallas. And it only took an hour longer to get to Htown. Not too shabby!

Dallas by night

Got tired of highlighting passages of reading for my thesis and instead highlighted all of the states I’ve been to on my Southwest napkin.

A happy accident of a picture taken right as the plane was landing. I had the shutter set to ‘bulb’.


~ by iashe on March 22, 2010.

One Response to “(26) Up in the Air”

  1. I think this plane is my favorite picture. Like, ever. No really. Like, can I print it out and put it on my wall?

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