Some VOX Assignments (or, more food photos…)

They all seem to come in during my Friday shifts.


Dressed in period costumes from the 1850s, Brittni Steding, front, and Abbey Milligan clear tables in the J. Huston Tavern in Arrow Rock, Mo., on July 31. The tavern is the oldest continuously operated restaurant west of the Mississippi River.


Fried chicken plates, one of the main entrees at the J.Huston Tavern, are offered as a family style, all-you-can-eat dish.


Curly potato chips coated in Parmesan cheese and chives at the J.Huston Tavern.


Three of the dessert options at the J. Huston Tavern: from left, carrot cake, apple cobbler, and pecan pie.


Specialty drinks at Bleu, such as the New Zealand “No”jito, left, and Bleu Rosemary Lemonade, are known for as much for their presentation as their taste.


New Zealand “No”jito

Police in Columbia using such unconventional methods of transport as bicycles also rely on unconventional methods of keeping the bikes from being stolen.



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